About (EN)

Muse brings together people and museums, with a strong emphasis on participation, cocreation and experimentation.

We work together with cultural organisations who want to improve their visitor offer, both online and on-site. Muse combines participatory practice, with audience research and heritage theory. We believe in sharing, collaboration and using technology sometimes.

We highly value sharing knowledge and skills, both when we collaborate with cultural organisations and when they ask us to run participatory projects for them.

Muse can be an advisor or critical friend to organisations who want to review their mission or audience strategy. We also carry out research in preparation of, or as an evaluation of, projects and products.

We value sharing, both on our own blog (Dutch only), and by writing for academic and professional journals and speaking at (inter)national conferences.

If you want to get in touch, you can find us on LinkedInTwitter, Instagram & Facebook or use our contact form.